About Me

I have always told most of my friends, "Media is my Passion, and Software Development is my Forte".

I love to do media and events related work. I have always tried to engage myself in organising events, doing on stage and back stage things, ranging from online Radio DJs to Video Production Directors. I have done editing for multi-cam production, trailers and events montages.

I am able to learn and pickup software languages pretty fast, and can come up with programming logics easily. As a kid, I have always loved problem solving, and so I enjoy debugging code. The process might be tedious, but it's fun, especially when you found the bug.

Most of the programming languages I know is self-taught. School only refines my way of coding, teaching what to do and not to do, guiding me with the industrial standards and changing my "bad habits".

My hobbies includes playing musical instruments (Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard. Casually), driving and cycling.


I have been a developer since 2006, starting with just HTML4, to PHP, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, MS SQL, followed by Objective-C (iOS) and Android (Java).

In the beginning, I was the site admin for a game fansite, dealing with simple HTML, to CutePHP (CMS). I manage to learn the languages myself while being the site admin. Later on in 2011, after joining Republic Polytechnic and having taught proper coding, I started looking for freelance jobs while studying and has continued to engage in freelance programming ever since.

In 2012, one of my Facilitators (School Lecturer) spent time to privately teach me Objective-C. Thereafter, I have been updating myself on iOS features. I have help a few clients with apps like GX (a subsidiary of Singtel) and Awards Book for SME Awards.

I later joined Silent Frontier in 2014 as a PHP Developer, specialising in Drupal. In the following year, I left to set up my own business.

2015 is the year I started my own IT business with a partner. We developed the Drupal website for SBACC while working on a few in-house apps.

At the moment, I am looking to specialise in iOS and Android development, with the element of "Coding for User Experience". I have always believed that features are not the priority. It is how you present those features in UX (not just in the visual design perspective).

Grab/Uber Driver
I recently joined Grab and Uber as a Driver. As a freelancer, I definitely have some time to spare. Therefore, Grab/Uber is a good choice. With flexible hours, I am able to maximise my earning potential.
Event Organiser

I have been in the events and media online industry for a few years, dealing with Shoutcast Radio and games. It all started in 2005, when I joined a game fansite. I was tasked to work on the Shoutcast Radio and events creation for the fansite. In 2006, I rose to be the right-hand man of the site owner, dealing with Site coding, Radio Scheduling and Recruitment, and Events.

During my Polytechnic years, I have been the President of the Film Factory Interest Group and an active member in Studio Interest Group. I learnt video production, editing and multi-camera live production. I very active in video, multicam and photo production during my study at Republic Polytechnic. I helped in Open House, Momentum, Reflections, IGNITE! Music Festival and P' Dialogue yearly. I specialise in Directing for Multicam Production and Post Production editing.

In 2014, I started being involved in events organising for another game, Vainglory. I have been working with the Community Manager of SEA for Vainglory to create community events ranging from local gathering, SEA Tournaments, local tournaments and more. I specialise in the Technical side of the events, including the Live Streams and managing of the Shoutcasters.

My Timeline
  • Q3 2017: Joined Uber as a Driver Partner
  • Q1 2017: Joined Grab as a Driver Partner
  • 2016-2017: Director for Gyseara Events (Vainglory)
  • 2016-2017: Lead Event Organiser for Shiversteel Singapore (Vainglory) - Videos on Mobcrush
  • 2016: Event Organiser for Dash Motion (Vainglory) - Videos on Mobcrush
  • 2016: SBACC Website - Drupal Site - Project under Modulae Systems
  • 2015-2016: Technical Director for Modulae Systems
  • Late 2014: PHP Developer under Silent Frontier - Projects included: Stomp, AsiaOne
  • Late 2013: Internship under ThunderApps
  • Q3 2013: IGNITE! Music Festival 2012 - Producer and Production Leader for Multicam Production
  • Q1 2013: Momentum 2013 - Cameraman for Multicam Production
  • Early 2013: Orientations Programme 2013 - Supervising event coverage video Production Crew
  • Early 2013: Open House 2013 - Event Coverage (Camera and Editing)
  • 2013: Awards Book App (discontinued) - iPhone only App - Freelance under OrfeoStory
  • Q3 2012: Reflections 2012 - MakanPlace Musical - Director, Producer and Editor for Multicam Production
  • Q3 2012: P' Dialogue 2012 - Editing of Final Multicam Footage (Sound & Visuals)
  • Q3 2012: IGNITE! Music Festival 2012 - Cameraman for Multicam Production (Track Camera)
  • Q1 2012: Momentum 2012 - Cameraman for Multicam Production
  • Early 2012: Orientations Programme 2012 - Event Coverage (Camera and Editing)
  • Early 2012: Open House 2012 - Event Coverage (Camera and Editing)
  • Early 2012: Appointed the President of Film Factory Interest Group in Republic Polytechnic
  • 2012: Schoolzit Prototype app - iOS - Prototype Development for Schoolzit Pte Ltd
  • 2012: Momendio Admin Panel - Custom PHP CMS - Freelance under JamJarApps
  • Q3 2011: Reflections 2011 - Cameraman for Multicam Production
  • Q2 2011: IGNITE! Music Festival 2011 - Cameraman for Multicam Production (Shoulder Mounted Stage Camera)
  • Q1 2011: Momentum 2011 - Cameraman for Multicam Production
  • 2011: GX Game Credits App (discontinued) - iPhone only App - Freelance under ThunderApps
  • 2005-2009: HabboSoup.net./.com/.org (no longer exist) fansite of Habbo.com.sg (currently Habbo.com)